Tradesmen – Happy Days, the Lockdown Is Finally Easing

Covid restrictions are easing heavily. Masks are no longer necessary, Covid passes aren’t needed, even self-isolation is going soon. For tradesmen, work is going to flood in.

tradesmen at work

Lockdown has eased, so what?

When lockdown began, work came to a halt in many industries. Many people were let go from their jobs. Penny pinching started, people were less able to get work done, it was enforced that you couldn’t be around anybody besides your housemates. This is no longer the case as the working world is suddenly opening up again.

The public is more open to letting people in their houses. Businesses want to renew their buildings and clean their offices. Even those who did work during covid can now more openly come into contact with people and hire much easier. Plenty of work is going to come up, so what do you do about it?

Market yourself immediately

Make accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Gumtree, even ask your clients to recommend you where possible. Ensure you’ve exhausted all possibilities. It’s also important to build a digital presence using your website and posting content on social media. Keep in mind that many people will be doing what you do, try to stand out with unique content or strategies.

What can a tradesman do to succeed post-covid?

So you’ve started marketing and suddenly, potential clients are on the phone, now what?

Start building excellent client relations

When you do start to meet with clients, try to build working relationships with them from the beginning. This is because trades such as plumbers would be needed by the same person multiple times. Try to make them consider calling you next time, every time.

Keeping excellent client relations is also great for generating leads. Your clients will be your best marketing tool so long as you give them a reason to brag about you.

Always go the extra mile

As a tradesman, you’re likely to pick up skills that are outside your specialty. You may even decide to expand your knowledge and work multiple trades. This will pay dividends in the near future.

When working for clientele, oftentimes there will be odd jobs on the side that you can offer to do. Ask for payment unless you feel you shouldn’t. However, always be willing to show off flexibility when on a job. By the end of any job, you should make the client think “ I want this person, every time”.

Use the latest payment methods

E-Invoicing is crucial as a tradesman. You need to be able to make invoices and take card payments on the go.So you’ve invoiced a client, they’ve paid and you carry out the work . At the end of the job you “go the extra mile” and do a little extra and they agree to pay for it. What do you do? Make getting paid for this extra work easy. With Invoice24, our handy invoicing solution available from your phone, you can invoice them then and there, with no fuss.

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