Software VS Templates: Invoicing Is Better Than Ever

When it comes to making invoices, the business world is split on how they should handle it. Some prefer a more hands-on approach that follows the usage of invoice templates. Others prefer to use invoicing software for time saves and ease of access. Why should you switch to invoicing software, and what is the best invoice software for small businesses?

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The limits of invoice templates

Automatic invoice processing

There is very little opportunity for invoice templates to be processed automatically. They don’t have the same process built into as invoicing software, which does the work for you. 

In addition, the surrounding work for invoices is often automated by software too. A big example that sole traders often experience is having to remind their clients to pay. This gives rise to anxiety in the workflow, which can be easily reduced by switching to invoicing software.


As well as automatic invoice processing, logging invoices is far easier using invoicing software. Software like the i24 app automatically logs invoices for you, using unique invoice numbers that complies with HMRC. This also cuts out the process of creating an invoice numbering system.

Making Tax Digital

HMRC has started to implement a new rule which says all tax must be digitally recorded and submitted unless exempt. Invoices done by hand are not MTD compliant and invoices done by email have to be logged externally to fit the criteria. 

Start using invoicing software to log the invoices for you. They are MTD compliant which means tax returns are submitted automatically and the process is future-proofed. For more information on this specific subject, read here.

Why use the i24 app

The i24 app has been done, redone, and then redone again in accordance with what the clients want. We offer a completely customisable invoice template in an invoice software form. Whilst this might sound too good to be true, it doesn’t end there.

It’s quick

Sole traders often say that it’s time-consuming to find the perfect template for them that fits their needs. In some cases, it’s taken multiple months and trials with different templates. i24 have decided that this was too long. As a result, we made it so that from the moment you download the app, it takes less than a minute to invoice.

It’s customisable

You can keep customisability as you switch from templates to software. Invoices made on the app are fully customisable with many options available. 

It’s easily accessible

If you have access to a smartphone, you could have the app in moments. There are no special requirements to download. It’s entirely free with no catches to use.

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