Simple Content Marketing Guide for Your Business

Content marketing uses the designing and sharing of material online to attract an audience. In this content marketing guide, we will look at many different digital marketing options.

Content marketing guide

Different forms of Content Marketing include:

  • Blogging
  • Podcasts
  • Videos and Photos
  • Emails
  • E-books, Reports, Newsletters & Articles
  • Social Media Platform Posts
  • Infographics
  • Memes & GIFS

It’s key to make these useful and inviting; keep your clientele interested.

How do I create content?

Before you can start creating content, it’s important to define your marketing goal. What are you trying to achieve with it? Who is it aimed at? How do you want your business to be represented online? By answering these sorts of questions, you can discover the type of content you should be making. Research into your competitors as well, they can be useful sources of inspiration for the direction you would like to go in.

Some useful business tools you can find online are:

Splice – Splice is a video-editing app that is easy to use. It lets you edit videos into a professional quality to share with your market.

Canva – Canva is a great graphic design tool. You can design anything from social media graphics, Youtube thumbnails or book covers. 

Grammarly – This tool is a huge lifesaver for bloggers! It will highlight everything that is incorrect about your text and allow you to check everything is Grammarly correct.

Pexels – If you are looking for cool pictures or videos. You can have a scroll through Pexels as they have a wide variety of content. 

Creating the best content marketing strategy

  1. Create: Make a marketing plan for each platform that you choose to market with. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. Have your content ready in advance. This will help keep the process organised and give you the opportunity to spend extra time on your content.
  2. Convert: Create content that’s appropriate for your target audience and stay consistent- this will increase conversion rates for your product/service.
  3. Promote: Attract your target audience. Learn what’s important to them and speak their language to build an accurate customer persona. Research how organic keywords and hashtags will bring more people to your posts. Interact with your audience!


Instead of pitching your products/services, you are delivering information and entertainment that makes your customers more informed/interested in your product/service. If you deliver consistent, valuable content to your audience, they will reward you with their commerce and loyalty.

Your content marketing will drive engagement, sales growth and profit. Keep it simple, coherent and relevant.

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