Features of the Best NFT Wallets and How to Keep Your Assets Safe

NFT wallets contain both NFTs and cryptocurrencies at the same time. They can have various features that differ from wallet to wallet. 

NFT wallets

What is an NFT wallet?

NFT wallets can be used to buy and store assets after they’ve been minted or acquired. Wallets also allow you to buy new assets. For more information, read our blog on how to invest in NFTs
An important feature of an NFT wallet is that it stores data, including the location of your assets on the blockchain. Another great feature of NFT wallets is that they support diverse asset classes. They enable the digital description of physical assets, like artwork or real estate.

Features of the best NFT wallets

The best NFT wallets are:

  • Highly secure to protect valuable NFTs
  • User-friendly so that all skill levels are able to use them
  • Available on multi-platforms so desktop and smartphones can synchronise 
  • Compatible for exchange between different blockchains

Check out our blog that summarises some of the best NFT wallets for 2022.

How to keep your assets safe

To keep your assets safe, make sure that you:

  • Never share your passphrase – this is usually a 12 word mnemonic phrase
  • Keep your passphrase somewhere secure – ideally offline and in a safe place
  • Enhance your security – 2-factor authentication is a feature of one of the best NFT wallets, MetaMask. Connecting to a hardware wallet can protect you if you get hacked. Even if your wallet phrase has been compromised, hackers won’t be able to do anything without access to the actual device.

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