Invoice Templates Are Hurting You, Here is How

Many small businesses don’t realise how a simple invoice method can cause problems. It’s difficult to recognise current issues when you don’t understand why they happen. What exactly is the reason, and how do you solve it?

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The effect of using templates

They look unprofessional

Invoice templates, while not entirely similar, are quite easy to see. Individuals who have seen a template once are often capable of telling when they are being used. Templates can seem unprofessional due to their:

  • Easy accessibility – in fact, you can find one within 10 seconds of searching
  • Low effort appearance
  • Unclear differences 

They take valuable time to manage

Invoice templates lack the automation and versatility that other options give you. This means that valuable business management time is spent creating and sending invoices. It doesn’t end there, as invoices often require following up to receive payment. This directly influences cash flow on its own, and any available solutions should be used to rectify it as a result.

Mistakes cost time

A mistake on an invoice template is devastating.  Templates are often sent to multiple customers, leaving no room for error. To correct a mistake, you would have to go through each invoice and resend it. This looks extremely unprofessional and slows down cash flow drastically. If it happens more than once, it could threaten the working relationship between yourself and the client.

The solution

The most effective solution is to use invoice software. The i24 app provides businesses with a professional and instant invoicing solution. 

How it solves problems

They look professional

The i24 app has a sleek, refined look that takes advantage of a user customisable format – you can be professional without losing your personal touch. By switching to i24, you gain access to far more customisability than invoice templates would offer you, at the press of a button.

They take no time to manage

Once you send the invoice, it’s out of sight and out of mind. The app handles the rest for you, even reminding the client when the net terms are coming to a close.

Mistakes are an easy fix

Even when mistakes are made, they are easy to fix. Invoices take seconds to create and send, with the option to reuse old assets made for previous invoices. On the off chance that a mistake is made, you can get a message, fix it, and resend the invoice all within a minute.

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