How To Make A PDF Invoice – The Complete Guide

Knowing how to make a PDF invoice is necessary when charging certain customers. Though you might find it more convenient to use something like an E-invoicing solution, sometimes, PDF works better. 

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Everything an invoice needs

Any basic invoice has a small list of requirements that are necessary for it to be considered a valid invoice. These requirements include: 

  • An identification number that is unique and possibly sequential.
  • The company’s address, name, and any contact information.
  • The customer company’s address and name.
  • A description of goods or services.
  • The date on which the goods and/or supplies were given.
  • The date of the invoice.
  • How much the customer/client is being charged.
  • What amount of VAT there is (if any)
  • The total cost in the end.

If you need a better look, you can find more information on the government website.

If you don’t have all of this information, you cannot send an invoice and expect payment. This brings up the question as to why some prefer to use PDF invoices despite the negative aspects.

Why you might use a PDF invoice

PDF invoices offer a fair amount that’s hard to replicate using other invoicing solutions. Before mentioning anything, it’s easy to find and use a PDF invoice template. This means that anybody can invoice with this method, similar to newer invoicing solutions. But then, why would you use it over something like E-Invoicing, which can be picked up and used just as easily?

It’s secure

PDFs can be locked with a password, making them far more secure. You can also easily encrypt them, to make sure nobody but the client has access.

It’s easily accessible

A PDF can be edited and shared very easily. As such, anything the client wants to change or question can be easily highlighted and reviewed.

How to make a PDF invoice using Invoice24

When making an invoice using the Invoice24 app, you might decide you’d like to convert it to a PDF invoice. This may be because you or the client prefer it, or you already have a preferred method of sorting invoices.

Invoice24 offers the ability to do this quickly and easily with all invoices. Because of this, even if you prefer PDF invoicing, you can still use Invoice24 just as effectively. Why not give it a try today, and save time at every stage of payment.

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