How to Make a Business Instagram

Over half a billion people use Instagram every day- and that number is only going up. Advertising on Instagram is a different tool to get your business’s name out there when used the right way. Having a Business Instagram page vastly increases your business’s potential outreach- there’s no limit to who can see your profile. It’s never been more important to have a strong social media presence, and Instagram is no exception.

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Getting started

A huge factor in Instagram is the ‘aesthetics.’ Everything needs to be eye-catching in order to stand out from the other business marketing on Instagram. 

Here are a few ways for you to catch your client’s eye:

  • Have a striking logo – You can make these easily on many websites, from Canva to dealing with a graphic designer on
  • Your Bio – Keep it simple. Describe what your business provides for your clients. For inspiration, research similar businesses
  • Highlights – This is where you can add more information about your business. Have separate highlights: previous jobs, testimonials and prices/information about your products/services

By following the above recommendations you should have the basics for a successful business profile on Instagram. However, there’s more you can do to make your Instagram marketing excel.

How to share different types of content

Instagram allows you to share photos and videos. This can be done through posting on your ‘feed’ or on your ‘stories’ (stories only last 24 hours).

  • Feed content is great for raising brand awareness, getting your business out there and attracting new followers.
  • Story content is short-lived and offers many ways for users interact. This is your way to communicate with your following.
  • ‘Reels’ are a form of video content that is very similar to TikTok, another large social media platform. Reels get better visibility and are pushed out to a wider audience, due to Instagram’s algorithm.
  • Hashtags are another way to expand your reach and get more engagement. These can reach the audience you’re looking for without them following you. Use hashtags related to your business along with trending hashtags – these can be found with a little research on Google.
  • You can cross-post from your business account to Facebook.


Follow other companies like yours on Instagram and follow their followers; check who has commented and liked their posts. These are people that could potentially be interested in your business. 

Instagram can take a while to build up, it’s all about patience and consistency. Don’t give up and keep posting, over time you will see change!

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