How to Get Your Invoices Paid Quickly

Nobody likes the pain of dealing with late payers. With so many traders reporting late payments every year, is there anything you can do differently to encourage faster invoice payments. How can you get your invoices paid quicker?

invoices paid

Having a professional and attractive layout

When making your invoices, stick to a template that is both simple and appealing to the eye. Using a template also helps to save a large amount of your time and makes things easier for you as a business owner with a large to-do list.

Ensure that your invoice looks professional; customize it with your logo and brand colouring.  Don’t overload customers with a large amount of unnecessary information, you want the invoice to be easy to understand, so that your customers can read and pay it quickly.

3 tips to keep invoices easy to read:

  1. Make sure the customer’s name and invoice details are clear
  2. Provide simple payment options so your customer knows how to pay
  3. If you write a description keep it concise but informative

When you’ve filled out the invoice, check it over again. You don’t want to be going back and forth editing invoice errors – time spent that your customer could be paying you in.

Feel free to add a personal touch at the end of your invoice, this can help strengthen your business-customer relationship. Include a thank you for their commerce and your contact details if there are any issues.

Using invoicing software

If you’re unsure how to gain access an invoicing template, there’s plenty of invoicing software that can help you out.

Most invoicing software is available in app-form. This makes it an extremely convenient tool to use, allowing you to quickly make and send an invoice when you’re on the go. Looking for a cheap and simple invoicing app? Try invoice24.

Timely Reminders

Make sure your customer is aware of your payment terms. Don’t be scared to shorten your payment terms, set your own due date and make it clear.

If for any reason you need to send out payment reminders, having a structured invoicing system will make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Diarize your invoices and create a reminder template, mark out an hour of your morning and get these sent without any hesitation.


Ensure your invoice includes all relevant and legal information required, keep a checklist, use a template or software. Whatever works for your lifestyle while building your relationship with your customers for future business.

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