Healthy Habits: a Helpful Guide

There are many benefits to creating a daily routine. Developing healthy habits gives you a sense of purpose and forming a new routine will help you achieve your goals. Starting with small things, you can make large constructive changes in your health and your lifestyle over time. Daily routines can help manage anxiety – the feeling of being unsettled or uncomfortable – by creating order and calm.

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Eat well

A healthy diet typically includes foods from all major food groups, including lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats as well as fruits and vegetables. Benefits of eating well include:

  • Helping you live longer
  • Keeping skin, teeth, and eyes healthy
  • Supporting muscles
  • Boosting immunity
  • Strengthening bones
  • Lowering risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers
  • Supporting healthy pregnancies and breastfeeding
  • Helping the digestive system function
  • Helping to achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Surround yourself with positive people

Positive people follow a lifestyle that tries to get rid of the negativity and appreciate the good things in life. When you’re a positive person, you benefit yourself and those around you. Surrounding yourself with people who have an optimistic outlook means living a life filled with happy memories rather than dwelling on the negatives. Positive people not only change your perspective, but also have the power to improve your well-being and overall quality of life.

Letting positive people influence you helps you to make better choices and motivating you to follow your dreams and achieve your goals.


Reading is good for more than just entertainment. Committing part of everyday to reading printed books can make you a smarter, kinder, more relaxed and imaginative individual. The positive effects can be felt at any age. Benefits to reading books include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Gained valuable knowledge
  • Better focus
  • Improved communication skills
  • Healthier memory
  • Improved mental health


Regular exercise aids both mental health and physical health and can have a positive impact on depression, anxiety and ADHD. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood. Exercise can also help to:

  • Maintain strong muscles and bones
  • Reduce the risk of chronic disease
  • Reduce pain
  • Boost your brain health
  • Make you feel happier
  • Give you more energy

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