Self-Employed People During Covid-19: A Handful of Tips – Full Guide

Whether or not you’re self-employed, covid-19 and the restrictions put in place have had a heavy impact on everyone’s working lives. Carrying out work safely (or at all), has become increasingly difficult, with inconsistent lockdowns, maintaining social distances, and having workspace restrictions.

To help out, we at invoice24 have a few tips for those who are self-employed and have been affected by the pandemic.

Self-Employed During Covid-19

Do Your Best To Maintain A Steady Cash Flow

Covid-19 is scary for multiple reasons. One of the biggest being that it negatively affected the work of most sole traders. You can find more information on how to manage your cash flow in one of our blogs.

Make working remotely an option

Sole traders should try to make their work as remote as possible; right now the best amount of contact is no contact. What does no contact look like for the average sole trader:

  • Set up an office at home – Work should be done from a computer at home where possible. Maybe set up a private office to limit distractions.
  • You should be having meetings online -. Scheduling meetings online wherever possible reduces the risk of coming into contact with Covid.
  • Keep your employer/customer aware of your working situation – Keep these people informed of any delays that covid-19 might have caused.

Normalise working from home, ensure the customer understands what precautions you’re taking, and acquire any extra equipment you need to achieve this.

It goes without saying that not every job can be done from home. If this is the case, following these steps can reduce the impact covid-19 can have on your business:

  • You ask very clearly whether the customer has had covid-19 recently, opting to reschedule if they have.
  • Test regularly to avoid spreading covid and for safety when meeting clients. Clients will often appreciate that you do this too.

By doing this, you can stay at work while maintaining a consistent schedule, which will protect your cash flow from any interruptions.

Ensure that contactless payment is an option

The best way to take payments without contact is through the use of e-invoices. Using an invoicing solution, such as invoice24, you can request payments quickly and easily from your mobile phone.

Staying healthy during these difficult times

As a sole trader, you are your business. Making sure that you stay healthy will ensure that your business can still operate, no matter what.

Remember, you aren’t alone, and there is support

Covid-19 has affected everyone, causing many to either look for or provide support. Here are a few examples of groups that might interest you, should you be looking to do the same.

This is a Twitter page dedicated to helping people get support with long covid. If you feel this affects you, why not take a look.

This is a Facebook group for general covid support rather than just long covid. 

This LinkedIn group talks in a positive light about what comes after covid, being constructive and kind whilst sharing their thoughts on the differences that might occur when back in a regular workplace.

Keep fit

Maintaining your physical fitness is important, especially when working from home is the norm.

Here are a few exercises to do from home that will help to keep you in good shape, and in turn help with mental well-being too, all provided by the UK NHS website.

Stay in contact with customers

Regardless of what has or hasn’t changed because of the pandemic, one thing will always stay the same. You must continue to maintain relationships with customers whether or not you can meet face to face.

Keeping customers updated during the pandemic

You have to let your customers know what’s going on, lest they be unaware of your current situation. This is a priority and helps maintain your customer’s trust in your business.

You should try to:

  • Keep in contact with clients, messaging or emailing frequently.
  • Keep a consistent workflow going, being sure to show results even during these trying times.
  • Start a dialogue with your client if there are any major issues that arise.

Be certain that you can be safe during covid whilst maintaining your work routine. There is support out there for everyone, should you need it. Finally, be sure to maintain your business in a healthy way, keeping clients updated and the cash flow consistent.

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