How to Start Freelancing on the Side

Can you freelance while employed? Working a second job as a freelancer can be rewarding, both financially and creatively. Many decide to do it due to these benefits, but then are there any disadvantages to freelancing on the side?

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The laws, etiquette and limitations

Firstly, yes it is legal in most circumstances to work as a freelancer beside your full-time job. There are exceptions to this, such as any contractual agreement to not have a second job. In this case, you need to discuss the possibility with your employer.

In terms of etiquette involved in freelancing as you work, put your full-time job first. It can be easy to forget your day job amidst this new and exciting opportunity. Always remember: this is secondary to what you usually do, it might be full-time one day, but not yet.

Try to always give 100% in both jobs when freelancing. Your time as a freelancer is limited at the beginning and you don’t want to make your regular employer upset. 

Keep in mind that if you earn over £1000 during a tax period, you must register as self-employed. Your employer will not be notified of this unless you fail to pay your taxes on self-employment. In this case, HMRC may contact your employer to raise your tax and get what you owe. In the coming years, this tax is going to be paid digitally. To figure out how this would affect you, read here.

Jobs suitable for freelancing

Not all jobs are suited for freelancing, some are too complex for the short time frame associated with what is essentially a part-time job. This means that it should be achievable within the short time after work and before sleep, whilst leaving adequate time for rest.

That being said, you should also try to find something that develops skills you’re pursuing a career in. There’s no point taking a job as a freelance blogger if you’re aiming to be a tutor.

Here is a list of professions that are suited for a freelance work style:

  • Graphic/logo design
  • Freelance artist
  • Web designer/coder
  • Mobile developer
  • Writer
  • SEO specialist
  • Assistant
  • Freelance manufacturer

These are examples of freelance jobs which can be completed besides full-time work, which should be the priority. Of course, this list isn’t all-inclusive, and there are many more possibilities besides these.

Alongside working for the money and benefits, you should consider qualifications or training you can gain from it. There are often such opportunities available to those looking for them. For example, you might be able to earn a google career certificate, a goal that is perfectly reasonable to complete within your free time.

Invoicing as a freelancer

Most freelancers rely on quick and easy invoicing. Rather than chasing up payments, have the client billed and the invoice paid as and when the job is complete with the Invoice24 app.

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