6 of the Highest Paid Self-Employed Jobs in the UK

The appeal of working self-employed is having control over your own wage. But you can only give yourself a high wage by working trades which are the highest-paid. This is why we’ve gathered the highest paid self employed jobs UK.

highest paid self employed jobs UK

Using data gathered from Indeed, here are the most common trades in the UK, ranked by salary:

  • Photographers – £25,181
    • Freelance photographers make the majority of their income through event shoots, ie Weddings, as well as personal photos.
  • Personal trainers – £26,570
    • Personal trainers are hired by clients to help attain goals in fitness and wellbeing. Many also create popular social media profiles and receive sponsorships to review health-related products.
  • Plumbers – £29,964
    • Plumbers install piping systems for both water and gas during construction. They’re also responsible for the repair and maintenance of those systems, with some dedicated entirely to call-out work.
  • Electricians – £33,057
    • Electricians should be capable of handling and installing electrical-based equipment and wiring systems. They’re also responsible for the maintenance and repair of these systems, with some dedicated entirely to call-out work.
  • Tutors – £37,501
    • Tutors provide academic support for students outside of the classroom. They can work one-to-one or in small groups, with some providing virtual lessons or working within specific subjects.

It’s important to bear in mind that some careers will require certain qualifications at the entry level.

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